NEWS: Governor Ambode not Tinubu’s puppet,’ Steve Ayorinde says

Mr Ayorinde also said that the same thing was said of former governor, Babatunde Fashola who was Tinubu’s direct successor.


The Lagos State Commissioner for Information and Strategy,Steve Ayorinde has said that Governor Akinwunmi Ambodeis not being controlled by the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

Mr Ayorinde also said that the same thing was said of former governor, Babatunde Fashola who was Tinubu’s direct successor.

“It is pointless entertaining a few misguided commentaries… talk is cheap. People will make comments anyway,” he said during an appearance on Pulse TV’s Frankly Speaking with Jola Sotubo.

“I don’t think you’ll describe as a stooge, somebody who has invested N4.8 billion in security… You won’t describe as a stooge the governor who says let us return to enforcement, let us have mobile courts in Lagos.

“You won’t call a stooge a governor who says that we will need to revisit the finances of the state… You won’t call a stooge somebody who says…“Why don’t we light up the entire Lagos State?”

“…If that sort of a person is a stooge, I would like to be a stooge like him so that I can do such great works and still be a stooge.

“I think we shouldn’t get caught up in the cheap descriptions of a few people who just enjoy distracting people. The governor is focused and he knows where he’s going…” he added.

Ayorinde was reacting to a question on the belief held by some that Ambode has the brains but not the brawn required to govern Lagos.

Watch the video below:

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