Photos : This Woman who thought she was having one baby,gives birth to 5


An expectant mum who went into labour early thought she was giving birth to just one premature baby – but ended up with five.(quintuplets)
Manita Singh, 25, had never had an ultrasound when she was admitted to hospital on Saturday at just 26 weeks gone .But just over half an hour later she had given birth to five healthy, but very tiny, girls.
Doctors are now supervising the quintuplets in the hope all of them will survive.

Manita 25, was admitted to hospital in Ambikapur, in Chhattisgarh in eastern India, on Saturday morning,UK Mirror reports


New dad Mahesh Singh, 26, said:

“I am extremely grateful to God for blessing us with not one but five children.
“We were heartbroken when we lost our first child, a son, immediately after birth two years ago. I believe God has compensated the loss.
“I only hope that they all survive and I can give them a wonderful life.”

Dr Tekam, who led the team of doctors in the delivery, said:

“This is the first case in my career where I have delivered five babies through normal birth.
“We are very happy for the parents but the babies are under supervision as they all are premature.
“While they are healthy, we cannot say if they will survive.
“However, we are doing every bit to save them.”

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