Humblesmith – Jukwese ft. Flavour


Still riding on the wings a strong showing with
Osinachi Remix featuring Davido, Pop Sensation, and
N-Tyze Entertainment artiste, Humblesmith has
decided to fly his soaring brand to new industry
heights by dropping another highly listenable Single.
He calls it, Jukwese. And this time he features
another top flight: Flavour Nabania.
“We just have to set Humblesmith’s career on
airplane mode,” said Bob Kelly Ovie Williams, CEO N-
Tyze Entertainment. “Our industry strategy for
Humble is ‘to fly. To fly higher, and to keep flying.’
Osinachi began the flight, and while it’s still mid-
flight, we have launched Jukwese – a song written
and sang with passion by the combination our own
Humblesmith and Flavour.”
Industry ears who have listened to Jukwese before
its official release describe the song as a soon-to-be
classic that’s endlessly playable.
Rightly so, Humblesmith’s red hot joint is
percussion-soaked, cleverly-written, fluid, feel-good,
and fresh enough to guarantee repeated listen.
Interestingly, “Jukwese means ‘ask around’,”
Humblesmith says. “And if you ask around, you will
be told Jukwese is more than my new single. It’s an
expression. A dedication to my very true fans. Fans
who enjoyed Osinachi so much, it became an on-Air
regular, a DJ Favourite, a Club Hit, and a social
media buzz. Now we are soaring to newer career
altitudes with Jukwese… So, the song is for them.
The true great fans.”
Deftly-produced by Mixsta Dimz, Jukwese
(Humblesmith’s 4th single) is symphonically mixed
with Live Guitar by Fiokee.


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