Just In: Boko Haram accuses Buhari of cheating with Chibok girls

vllkyt32f72m40irhg.9b2749d3Boko Haram is angry over the leak of the recent
Chibok girls’ video , saying Buhari’s government is not
interested in their release
– Some sources consider that the deadly sect is
divided and the girls are separated in small groups
TheCable has obtained the information that the Boko
Haram commanders are angry over the leak of the
video of the missing Chibok girls to the media.
A new video has emerged on April 13, Wednesday,
showing 15 of the schoolgirls abducted by the
insurgents in Nigeria two years ago, giving hope to
parents that their daughters are still alive.
The girls featured in the video obtained by the Nigerian
government as a part of the talks with the group, saying
they were from the Government Girls Secondary School
in Chibok and pleading with the government to
cooperate with Boko Haram on their release.
Meanwhile, security sources revealed that Boko Haram
leaders are said to be “angry” over the media leak
which they believe as “treachery” because “ it was never
intended for broadcast”.
The insurgents are reportedly blaming the government
of “cheating” because the recording was only a “proof
of life” for the representatives of the talks.
One of the sources said: “ They think the government and
the media are not genuinely interested in the girls’
At the same time, intelligence circles believe that the
girls have been separated into various groups among
different Boko Haram factions – and the latest video is
evidence that they are probably in batches of 15 or less.
The latest video shows that one group is only trying to
negotiate using the girls in its care, and may not be able
to hold talks for the other girls being held by other
The Nigerian authorities are doubtful about talks with
splinter groups to avoid the billion-naira industry that
was created around it under the previous government.
Pictures of five of the girls were allegedly shown to
Federal government by negotiators in January 2016 by
another group of the Boko Haram.

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